Best Lifetime Free Credit Cards in India

This list helps you get the best lifetime free credit card out there

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HDFC Millennia credit card Annual fees: Rs 1,000 USP: 5% CB on online spends

Amazon Pay ICICI card Annual fees: 0 USP: 5% cashback on Amazon spends

Kotak 811 credit card Annual fees: 0 USP: 100% digital experience

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card Annual fees: 0 USP: Milestone rewards of up to 15,000 points

HDFC MoneyBack credit card Annual fees: 0 USP: 2X points on online spends

HDFC Freedom credit card Annual fees: 0 USP: 10X rewards on SmartBuy, PayZapp

IDFC First Wealth Credit Card Annual fees: 0 USP: Only super premium that is lifetime free

ICICI Platinum credit card  Annual fees: 0 USP: 2X points on retail purchases

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