1. What are the charges related to applying through Bankkaro?

Bankkaro charges you absolutely nothing for your credit card and loan applications. In fact, you get exclusive rewards when you complete your profile and get approved for your favorite credit card. Obviously, charges pertaining to joining fees, annual fees, interest rates, and cash advance fees are subject to usage with the bank from which you receive the credit card.

2. What are the advantages of a credit card?

Numerous! Firstly, it helps you build a strong credit score for your future lending purposes. Second, it gets you several rewards like cashback and discounts on online shopping. Third, you get several weeks of interest-free credit period. Lastly, you get access to places like airport lounges and golf courses. It’s a win-win situation, really.

3. What is the interest-free period?

Suppose your credit card billing cycle is from the 1st of each month to the 30th of the same month. Your bill gets generated on the last day, and you get an additional 10-20 days to repay the amount. This means you can access funds up to your credit limit for a period of 50 days free of cost. Yes, you do pay steep interest charges if you fail to repay before the due date.

4. How can I apply through Bankkaro?

It’s simple. Just pick the credit card or personal loan of your choice. Go through its benefits and charges. Hit Apply, fill in your details, and just sit back and relax. The bank will contact you to take the application forward. Once approved, your CashKaro Rewards will be credited into your CashKaro wallet.

5. Why is my area’s pincode not serviceable?

Each bank has its own set of serviceable locations/ pin codes in India. While we make an effort to bring the most rewarding credit cards to everyone, we cannot ensure serviceability. You can contact the concerned bank in case you have any queries regarding this.

6. Why has my application been rejected?

There are several reasons why your application could have been rejected. The reason is usually shown after the application is filled.

  • Credit score not suitable
  • Location/ pin code not serviceable
  • Income not suitable
  • Age not suitable
  • Salaried/ self-employed status not suitable
  • Existing customer of bank
  • Existing card holder of bank

7. What to do when my application has been rejected?

Firstly, find out the reason why the application was rejected, based on the above factors. Next, try to fix the underlying issue such as credit score, income, location etc. We recommend applying for the credit card a few weeks after the initial application.

8. How can I track my application?

To track your application, login to Bankkaro with your mobile number and OTP. Once done, click on Track Application in the top bar (desktop) or from the hamburger menu (mobile). You will see all your credit card applications and their current status.