Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card Review

Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card Review

The Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card is one of the most popular lifestyle cards in India. The BOB Select credit card offers special benefits for online shopping, dining, utility bill payments, and fuel purchases among other things. The Select Credit Card provides better value for all purchases made with the card by offering monthly bonus rewards. All the benefits, such as cashback and fuel surcharge waiver, are available with the card.

Here is our review of the Bank of Baroda Credit Card, where we delve deep into the pros, cons, rewards, cashback, and more. We attempt to answer the question of whether you should get one for yourself or not?

Fees and Charges

Joining Fees Rs.750 + GST
Annual Fees Rs.750 + GST
Interest rate 3.25% per month (39% per annum)

Pros & Cons

  • Multiple redemption options – Earned reward points can be redeemed for cashback and other available options.
  • Cash on Card Repayment – When you pay your credit card bill on your next statement, you will receive 0.5 percent of the bill payment.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver – At all fuel stations in India, the cardholder will receive a fuel surcharge waiver for transactions ranging from Rs. 400 to Rs. 5,000.
  • Reward on Daily Expenses – Earn 5X reward points on every Rs. 100 spent at department stores, grocery stores, and on movies.
  • Annual Fee Waiver – Get a reversal or waiver of the annual fee if you spend Rs. 7,500 in 6 months and Rs. 70,000 in a year.
  • On 5 transactions in one month, you can earn 1,000 reward points, which is valued at Rs 250 (4 points = Re 1).
  • You can redeem your reward points for cashback or other options whenever you want.
  • Not a good card for hefty spends.
  • 0.25% returns are low for general spends.
  • BOB customer service is not the best.

Rewards and Cashback

● For every Rs.100 spent, you will receive one reward point.
● For every Rs.100 spent on dining, utility bills, and online shopping you will receive 5X rewards
● Every month, you will receive 1,000 bonus reward points on 5 transactions of Rs 5,000 or more.

Who Should Get a Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card?

This card is ideal for cardholders who are at the beginner level of credit cards. Get one if you are one of these:

● You are looking for extra perks when you spend a minimum amount each month
● You are looking for a credit card with a low annual fee waiver threshold.
● You are looking for a variety of options for extra reward points.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Income

● Salaried employees must have a yearly gross income of Rs.3 lakh or more.

2. Location

● Resident of India

3. Documents Required

● Aadhaar Card
● Voter’s ID Card
● Passport
● Driving Licence
● Passport
● Utility bills (latest)
● Any other government-approved ID
● Salary slips for the last 3 months
● Audited financials for the last two years for self-employed candidates
● Form 16

Ratings and Reviews

Source: Bank of Baroda

  • Cashback and Rewards 4/5 The monthly rewards concept on the card is excellent, and it is the card’s unique selling point. For example, if you spend Rs.5000 on five separate transactions of Rs.1000 or more, you will receive 1000 reward points. That’s worth Rs.250, or a whopping 5% off your purchase.
  • Fees and charges 4/5 You may spend Rs. 7,500 within 60 days and Rs. 70,000 within a year for annual fee reversal/waiver.
  • Eligibility 4/5 You need to show a yearly gross income of Rs 3 lakhs (Rs 25,000 per month) to get this card approved for you.
  • Overall 4/5 – It’s a fantastic card for those who know how to use it. To make things simple, you can use the card for wallet loads and reap the benefits like never before. It is an ideal entry-level credit card for beginners with low annual spends who want to experience the world of rewards.


Due to the obvious bonus rewards feature, Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card was one of the best entry-level credit cards on the market. This has now changed with the removal of the bonus reward points feature on September 15, 2021. Alternatively, the SBI SimplyCLICK credit card is a good option for this card because it offers better rewards for a lower annual fee.

From the same bank, the Bank of Baroda Eterna credit card is also a brilliant option to look at.


How can I know my Bank of Baroda select credit card limit?

Credit limits and cash limits are assigned to cardholders based on internal Bank of Baroda Card parameters, credit history with credit bureaus, and other factors.

What is the mode of payment for Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card?

Users can select any method of payment that is most convenient for them and pay outstanding bills by the due date. Cheques, Auto Debits, Drafts, and Cash payments at branches are among the offline payment options available to Bank of Baroda credit cardholders.

Is Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card free?

For those who spend Rs. 70,000 or more on the card each year, the card is free for life. Other appealing features of the card include free insurance coverage and no liability for lost cards.

Can I withdraw cash from Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card?

Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card, like most credit cards, allows you to withdraw money up to your cash withdrawal limit. Every transaction includes a 2.5 percent fee on the advance amount, with a minimum of Rs 300. The monthly interest rate is 3.25% or 39% per year.

What is the interest rate for Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card?

The Interest rate of Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card is 3.25% per month or 39% per annum

What is the billing date of the Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card?

There is a billing cycle for every credit card. The billing date for your Bank of Baroda Credit Card is the first of each month, and the due date is the 20th of the same month. Payment due dates are 20 days from your billing date. You can get up to 51 days of interest-free credit on purchases made with your Bank of Baroda Credit Card.

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