How Do I Close My LazyPay Account?

How Do I Close My LazyPay Account?

LazyPay works on a unique payment system, making it feasible for the customers to complete transactions. The LazyPay app covers all expenses of up to Rs 1 lakh for its users. 

It is becoming a known transaction and financial services provider; however, some customers want to close/delete their LazyPay accounts. They should know that following the cancellation of your account, LazyPay keeps a small amount of information for legitimate purposes, such as preventing fraud and upholding its Terms of Use.

How to Delete Your LazyPay Account?

Note that the only way to close/delete your LazyPay account is to – send an email to the officials and request them to close your account. Below are the steps to be followed

  1. Please use the email address enrolled with the website/application at the beginning of the procedure.
  2. Please compose the email at
  3. Put “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” in the Subject field.
  4. Next, you must write an email asking them to delete all of your data that may have been saved with them and deactivate your LazyPay account from their database.


As a result, it is strongly advised to analyse different points before moving forward to make or delete an account so you have no regrets in the future.


How do I permanently delete my LazyPay account?

It should be noted that the only way to delete your LazyPay account is to email the company and ask them to remove your account from their database.

Is LazyPay RBI approved?

PayU -owned LazyPay has stopped its Buy Now, Pay Later service to comply with the policy of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), days after fintech startup Slice updated its terms of usage on its platform.

Can I get the option of deleting or deactivating my LazyPay account?

Yes, you can delete/ cancel your account by emailing the company mentioning you wish to close your account.

Is LazyPay safe for the users?

Lazypay is deceiving customers; they take money without sending it to the merchant, and even after receiving proof at the merchant’s end, customers have complained about not receiving the refunds.

Does LazyPay affect CIBIL score?

Your cibil score is unaffected by using this application or service.

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