What Will Happen if I Don’t Pay my Simpl Bill?

What will happen if I don’t pay my Simpl bill?

The phrase “buy now, pay later” has recently become popular in the retail industry. Due to this, more consumers are purchasing without worrying about having to pay right away, than ever before. On similar lines, Simpl Pay Later was introduced to the Indian market. Customers can use this service to order things online and pay for them using Simpl bill, later.

Customers who use the Simpl app to pay for their utilities and other household expenses receive monthly bills from the Simpl Bill. It also keeps track of your spending patterns, which might show you where you can save costs.

Similarly, many users wanted to know what would happen if they were somehow not able to pay the Simpl bill in time. Here is a step-by-step guide for the same.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay Simpl Bill?

Simpl will impose a late fee of up to Rs. 250 and add any applicable taxes (GST) if the payment isn’t made on time. However, If the customer informs them of genuine issues they are facing while paying their bills or any similar emergency, they won’t be charged a late fee and will be given full assistance.

If the charges were improperly deducted, users might even get a refund. Before charging any late penalties, Simpl will also ensure that the users are informed multiple times about the outstanding bill and late payment charges via sources like Email, SMS, and app notification.


Install the Simpl app on your Android or iOS device to keep track of your Simpl bills. Always verify the billing cycle and make the payment by the due date. Simpl will send notifications by SMS, email, and app notification in case you forget. Before using Simpl to make payments on the apps and websites of the approved retailers, ensure that you are fully informed of the billing cycle.


Is Simpl Pay RBI approved?

The Reserve Bank of India, India’s central bank, has only authorised lending to NBFCs, (the only organisations other than banks). Simpl is currently only available to customers whom retailers have given a go-ahead.

Can I delete my Simpl account?

  1. Click on the Profile icon > Billing and choose the Billing Preferences tab to delete your account.
  2. Select the link labelled ‘Need to close your account?’ From the drop-down menu, select a reason for terminating your account.
  1. If you want to close your account immediately, check the box – ‘Close the account     right away?’ The next pop-up will allow you to decide whether to accept or reject this request. One of the following messages will appear in the pop-up:
  • You will have read-only access to your account information for three months if there is no outstanding balance on your account before losing local access to it.
  • If there is no unpaid balance on your account, you may choose to terminate your account immediately; however, you will immediately lose access to your account information and be unable to get back into your account.
  • If you have an unpaid debt on your account and wish to instantly terminate your account, you will have read-only access until payment has been made.

Note: To close your Simpl Pay account, you must be a Full Access user.

Although it is strongly advised to terminate your account following the procedures only, requests for accounts to be frozen or cancelled should be made in writing by a full access user on the profile.

When logged into Simpl Pay, click the Help button in the top right corner and select Support to submit a request to freeze or close your account. The terms and conditions of the company require that all unpaid sums be paid to Simpl Pay no later than seven days following the termination date.

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