Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card Review

Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card Review

For customers who fly frequently on Vistara, Axis Bank presents multiple credit cards in association with Club Vistara – namely Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card, Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card, and Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card. Apart from rewarding CV (Club Vistara) points, Vistara cards are unique in their own sense. They offer complimentary tickets depending upon your spending threshold.

However, in this article, we will dedicatedly talk about the first one – Vistara Credit card.  Here is our review of the Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card, where we delve deep into the pros, cons, rewards, cashback, and more. We attempt to answer the question of whether you should get one for yourself or not?

Pros & Cons

  • As a welcome benefit, you will receive a complimentary economy class Vistara domestic plane ticket.
  • You can get free membership to Club Vistara Base.
  • For every Rs 200 spent, you will receive 2 Club Vistara (CV) Points.
  • Free air accident insurance of up to Rs 2.5 crore.
  • Complimentary lounge access at select domestic airports
  • Milestone benefit: You get free economy Vistara tickets when you spend Rs 1.25 lakhs, Rs 2.5 lakhs, and Rs 6 lakhs in a year.
  • This credit card is specifically designed for Vistara flyers. As a result, if you travel with different airlines, this credit card may not be helpful to you. Apart from that, the following are some of the limitations of Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card:
  • Even if you don’t use the card, there is a steep annual fee. No waivers.
  • There are no special discounts on lifestyle spends.

Rewards and Cashback

  • For every Rs 200 spent, you will receive 2 CV Points. Making transactions on Vistara’s website and completing your check-in on their mobile app will also earn you bonus CV Points.

Fees and Charges

Joining Fees Rs. 1,500
Annual Fees Rs. 1,500
Interest rate 3.6% per month (52.86% per annum)

Who Should get an Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card?

Axis Vistara Credit Cards are ideal for frequent travellers with Air Vistara. If you make most of your reservations through Vistara, you should choose this entry-level card. You can earn 2 CV points for each transaction. In addition, when you achieve a certain spending threshold, you will receive complimentary tickets. However, if you are not keen on paying substantial annual fees, you can skip this one.

You can pair this card with an Axis Bank Indian Oil credit card, which should get you some good returns on your fuel spends.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Age

  • The primary cardholder should be between the ages of 18 and 70.

2. Location

  • The applicant should be a Resident of India

3. Documents

  • Photocopy of PAN card/ Form 60
  • Income proof: Latest payslip/Form 16/IT return
  • Residence proof (any one of the following):
  1. Passport
  2. Driving License
  3. Ration card
  4. Electricity bill
  5. Landline telephone bill

Rating and Reviews

Cashback and Rewards 3/5 – This credit card has a below-average rewards rate, with no accelerated points on select categories. Apart from that, you can use your earned reward points to redeem for future bookings, which is good if you use Vistara frequently.

Fees and charges 3.5/5 – The Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card has a reasonable annual fee, with good introductory incentives. It makes up for the membership expense by including a free ticket and added benefits with the card.

Eligibility 4/5 – Your chances of approval will be influenced by factors such as your credit score, payment history, and delinquencies. Other requirements will be communicated with you when you express interest in applying for this card, including your age (18-70 years) and nationality (Resident Indian).

Overall 3.5/5-. Most people who wish to get their hands on the Axis Bank Vistara card will probably find it a decent return. But, if you’re flying short distances, it’s best not to take the card because the value you obtain might not be substantial.


Axis Bank Vistara is an entry-level card and is a good option if you want to experience free domestic flights without spending much on fees and charges. The reward rate is quite low, lifestyle benefits do not exist, and you will need to book through Vistara’s portal when redeeming your flight benefits. All in all, a good start if you want to build on Air Vistara’s frequent flyer list. Otherwise, avoid.


What is the credit limit of Axis Bank Vistara credit card?

A credit limit will be allocated to you when you receive your Axis Bank Vistara credit card. This can vary depending upon your credit score and history.

How do I cancel my Axis Bank Vistara credit card?

Customers using Axis Bank credit cards in India can cancel their membership by calling the bank’s 24×7 helpline numbers – 1800-233-5577/1800-209-5577/ 1800-103-5577.

How do I redeem my Axis Bank Vistara points?

You can use your Club Vistara Points to book award flights on the Air Vistara portal. Simply log in to your account and select ‘Redeem Now.’ This option can be found in the points summary section. Select ‘Redeem Flights’ to look for the flight you want.

Which Vistara card is best?

The Axis Bank Air Vistara Infinite credit card is the most premium of the Air Vistara credit cards. It allows you to get up to four complimentary Business Class tickets per year. It is at the top of the list, with an effective return of around 11%.

Can I increase my Axis Bank Vistara credit card limit?

A request for a credit limit increase can be made in one of the following ways:

1. Axis Mobile App
Login > Credit Card > Select Card > Total Controls > Check for Limit Increase
2. Internet Banking
Login > Accounts > My Credit Cards > Limit Enhancement > Check for Limit Increase

If your Credit Card is eligible, you can submit a request; otherwise, you will be notified when your Credit Card is eligible for Limit enhancement.

What do I do if I lose my Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card?

If you discover that your credit card has been lost or stolen, contact the bank right once. You can report the loss of your card by calling 1860 419 5555 or 1860 500 5555.

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