How to Close Amazon Pay Later Account?

How to Close Amazon Pay Later Account?

Amazon Pay Later is an uncomplicated and instant BNPL platform to get credit for purchases using EMI on the Amazon India app and website. You must finish the one-time setup procedure, which shouldn’t take longer than two minutes and doesn’t require entering your credit card information. Once everything is set up, you may use Amazon Pay Later during checkout to pay later that month (through EMIs lasting between three and twelve months).

With Amazon Pay Later, users can monitor their purchases, repayments, and access history from a custom dashboard. Amazon Pay Later is a collaboration between Amazon and lending partners like Axis or IDFC FIRST Bank.

Below is a step-by-step guide to closing an Amazon Pay Later account; users seeking support to close their Amazon Pay Later account should refer to the following.

How to close your Amazon Pay Later account?

  • You can contact Amazon Customer Support and ask them to close your Amazon Pay Later Account permanently. Going with this method consumes the least amount of time.
  • Request a permanent closure rather than an “inactive” or “temporary pause” account.
  • Email my loan [at] capitalfloat [dot] com to get in touch with Capital Float.
  • If you have an IDFC First Bank Account, you can also request a callback using the IDFC First Bank App. To obtain the contact number, go to support page 55 of IDFC First Bank and look under loans. Please be aware that this call might not be toll-free in nature.

Things to keep in mind when closing Amazon Pay Later Account

  1. Make sure all of the outstanding debts are paid in full. If not, the account will not be terminated.
  2. The user’s lending company will issue a NOC after your Amazon Pay Later account is closed and has no outstanding balance. If the user does not get it after 2-3 weeks of asking for account termination, request it again.
  3. You might occasionally see a slight drop in your credit score after canceling your account. Fortunately, it is only a short-term issue.
  4. Don’t be alarmed if you see your Amazon Pay Later Credit listed as “active” on your CIBIL profile; it could take up to two months for the “closure” to appear.
  5. After your Amazon Pay Later account has been drawn for a few years, it will still appear on your CIBIL as a “closed” account. It is for the record to inform the user’s future lenders about which credits were opted for previously.
  6. There is no danger in maintaining your Amazon Pay Later account in its current state, even if you don’t use it. Maintaining a balanced blend of “credit” and “credit card” accounts on your credit profile is beneficial.
  7. If Amazon Pay Later is being provided to you and it is your first credit line, think about keeping it active if you have never owned a credit card. The tenure of a credit line significantly impacts your credit score. If you need a credit card or loan in the future, following this might help you get one.


How do I cancel Amazon Pay Later?

  • Call Amazon Customer Support to request that your Amazon Pay Later account be permanently closed.
  • A permanent closure should be requested rather than an “inactive” or “temporary halt” account.
  • To contact Capital Float, send an email to myloan [at] capitalfloat [dot] com (or)
  • Email IDFC First Bank at Visit IDFC First Bank’s support page 55 and check under loans to get the phone number. Please be advised that this call can be expensive. You can also use the IDFC First Bank App to request a callback if you have an IDFC First Bank Account.

What happens if I don’t pay Amazon Pay Later?

If a consumer uses Amazon Pay Later and fails to make a payment by the due date, late monthly penalties will be charged on the outstanding balance. There won’t be a penalty for monthly dues less than Rs 200; however, there will be a late fee of Rs 100 for balances between Rs 200 and Rs 1,000.

How do I stop automatic payments on Amazon?

  • Select the Subscriptions tab.
  • Click the product image if you are logged in through a browser.
  • Click Cancel subscription when the Subscription information screen appears.
  • Mention grounds for cancellation.
  • Go to Cancel my subscription and click.

What are the charges for Amazon Pay Later?

  • Monthly due amount (INR)       Late payment fee (INR)
  • >Rs 200 <= Rs 1,000                         100 + 18% GST
  • >Rs 1,000 but <=Rs 5,000                200 + 18% GST
  • >Rs 5,000 but <=Rs 20,000            350 + 18% GST
  • >Rs 20,000                                       500 + 18% GST

What are the advantages of Amazon Pay Later?

  • Your credit limit is immediately communicated to you by the lender.
  • You don’t have to give your credit card information.
  • There is no processing or cancellation fee.
  • No pre-closure charges.
  • Tracking spending and payments have been made easier on the EMI-specific dashboard.

Can I pay the credit card bill through Amazon Pay Later?

Yes, the website ( and the related mobile site and application can be used to pay credit card bills.

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