How to Update Address in HDFC Bank Credit Card

How to update address in HDFC credit card
How to update address in HDFC credit card

HDFC Bank credit card holders have been enjoying some of the best rewards and cashback offers in the Indian market right now. If you are one of those cardholders and are looking to update your address with a house or office shift, you might have to update the address in your HDFC credit card account to keep things up to date. Thankfully, HDFC Bank has made it easy to do that with four methods, both online and offline, to do so. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to update the address in the HDFC Bank credit card account, in minutes. Here you can also check how to close HDFC credit card.

Online Steps To Update Address in HDFC Bank Credit Card

1. Online application

Using an application available online, you can easily make an HDFC credit card address change. Here is a step-by-step process for the same.

  • From the HDFC Bank website, access the update address form
  • Fill it up online and download it for a printout
  • Sign the form physically and attach self-attested address proof documents
  • Send the application via courier to visit the branch and submit the same

2. Netbanking method

If you have HDFC Bank netbanking activated on your account, you can use the online process to update the address on your HDFC Bank credit card.

  • Log in to your netbanking account. Click on “Update Contact Details” from the main menu
  • Click on “Update Address” from this menu
  • A page now shows you the list of documents as proof of address accepted by HDFC Bank
  • Scan and upload one of those as a self-attested copy in the space provided
  • Verify all documents before submitting them. Once submitted, the bank will get back to you once the address is updated.

Offline Steps to Update Address in HDFC Bank Credit Card

1. Physically, at the branch

You can also go to the branch to update the address in HDFC Bank credit card. Walk up to a representative at the branch and ask for the process. They will guide you on what form to fill out and which documents to furnish as proof.

2. Calling the helpline

Finally, you can call up HDFC Bank’s helpline number to update your address. Dial one of the toll-free numbers 61606161/61606160 (prefix STD code) and talk to the executive to complete the process.

List of KYC Documents Required for Address Change

  • Passport
  • Voter’s Identity Card (both sides)
  • Driving License (both sides)
  • Aadhaar/ eAadhaar ID Card
  • Job card issued by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government
  • Letter issued by the National Population Register containing details of name and address
  • Utility bill not more than two months old of any service provider (electricity, telephone, postpaid mobile phone, piped gas, water bill)
  • Property or Municipal Tax receipt
  • Pension or family pension payment orders (PPOs) issued to retired employees by government departments or Public-Sector Undertakings, if they contain the address
  • Letter of allotment of accommodation from employer issued by State or Central Government departments, statutory or regulatory bodies, public sector undertakings, scheduled commercial banks, financial institutions, and listed companies.


How can I change my HDFC credit card billing address?

You can update HDFC credit card billing address in a number of ways. Read our blog to find out step-by-step guides on how to do so.

Can I change my HDFC credit card address online?

Yes, you can change your HDFC credit card address online. You can either fill up the online form or do it via netbanking portal.

How long will it take for my address change to be reflected?

Once documents are verified by the bank, it will ideally take around 7 working days for your address change to be reflected. You can check with HDFC Bank once the time period is over.

How can I check the updated address?

You can check the updated address on your HDFC credit card by logging into netbanking and checking your credit card account details.

Will I get an SMS alert to notify the change in address of correspondence?

Yes, you will receive an SMS alert to notify the change in address of correspondence, only if you are subscribed to the SMS service.

Which documents are considered officially valid in case the address is not updated on the Aadhaar card?

Some of the documents like Passport and Voter ID Card are considered officially valid in case the address is not updated on the Aadhaar card.

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