How to Close HDFC Credit Card Online?

How to Close HDFC Credit Card Online
How to Close HDFC Credit Card Online

An HDFC Bank credit card unlocks a plethora of benefits including eCommerce discounts, cashback, freebies, and exclusive access to events. Across its catalogue, HDFC Bank has some truly rewarding credit cards on offer. However, not everyone has a pleasant experience with credit cards and if you are one of those who are in this group, you will appreciate our step-by-step guide on how to close HDFC credit card online and offline, which means cancelling the card with no further billing cycles. Read on for more. If you want to change or update your address on your HDFC Credit card then you easily update it with our guide about how you can update address in HDFC credit card onlin.  

HDFC Credit Card Cancellation 

There are two ways to initiate the HDFC credit card cancellation process. The most convenient way is to submit an online request by filling up this online form. You can also do it offline by filling up this form and going up to your nearest HDFC bank branch

Things to Remember Before Cancelling or Closing an HDFC Credit Card

Before you get to the cancellation process of your HDFC Bank credit card, please take note of these pointers.

  1. Stop further usage: Make sure you avoid any further usage of the credit card, right before cancellation. This is because credit card transactions usually take up to 2 working days to reflect in your account and that might cause issues in repayment.
  2. Clear all pending transactions: Obviously, apart from not making new transactions, make sure you clear all pending transactions to avoid failure in cancellation.
  3. Reward points: It is advised to redeem all your reward points before closing an HDFC credit card so you don’t end up wasting them.

Different ways to close HDFC credit card account 

1. Submit an Online Request

You can submit an online request by filling up HDFC Bank’s form through their form centre. You need to provide your registered mobile number, input the OTP, mention the last 4 digits of your credit card, and select the reason for credit card closure. The request will be submitted. 

2. Calling up the Helpline Number

You can also call up HDFC Bank helpline number 61606161/61606160 (prefix STD code) and inform the customer care executive of the credit card cancellation request. 

3. Physically, at the Branch

Finally, you can also close the account at your bank branch. Download the form online, fill it up with details including credit card number, name, reason, and more, and share it at the branch. 

How to Reactivate Cancelled HDFC Credit Card? 

You are in luck. Because in case you want to reactivate your closed HDFC credit card, you can do so in a couple of simple steps and get back your original credit card with the same number.  

To reactivate a closed HDFC credit card, you need to download and fill up this form. Once done, you can mail it to HDFC Bank cards division at this address: 

HDFC Bank Cards Division, 

  • P.O Box No. 8654, 
  • Thiruvanmiyur P.O., 
  • Chennai – 600 041. 
  • Will a Cancelled HDFC Credit Card Affect Your Credit Score? 

Usually, how much the credit card closure affects your credit score is dependent on how old your account is. If the account is one of your older ones, the average age of your account could go down and end up reducing the score by a bit. Furthermore, it will also reduce your total credit limit by a bit. 

However, these changes are mostly temporary and should be back to normal in case you decide to open another credit card account or continue regular repayments and utilisation on existing ones. 


Is there any charges for closing HDFC credit card?

Fortunately, there are no charges for closing your HDFC credit card account. It is a completely free process, which can be done online as well as offline.

How can I cancel my HDFC credit card?

To cancel your credit card, follow the steps mentioned in the blog.

How can I close my credit card online?

To close your credit card online, follow the steps mentioned in the blog.

How do I deactivate my credit card?

To deactivate your credit card, follow the steps mentioned in the blog.

What happens if I close my credit card?

If you close your credit card, all further billing cycles will be terminated. You will also not be able to use it at any merchant to make payments. Obviously, you can reactivate it later.

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