Slice Credit Card Review

Slice Credit Card Review

The Slice Credit Card has laid a wonderful place for the people who do not own a credit card because of assorted reasons like no credit score requirements, non-working professionals, homemakers, students, and more. Therefore, Slice has developed this credit card facility for all such folks. Once you have your slice card, it will be possible to build your credit CIBIL score.  

In our review of the Slice Credit Card, let us understand the offers that one can acquire and what other benefits the cards must unfold. We have researched and tried to find all the relevant information associated with this card that makes you decide if the card is your need or not. Here you can also check ola sbi credit card benefits.


Fees and Charges

Joining Fees Zero
Annual Fee Zero

Pros & Cons

  • Build Your CIBIL Score: building CIBIL score is beneficial and is one of the prime factors in the finance industry. One who wishes to own any credit card needs a good CIBIL score. So, if you do not have any CIBIL score, then by getting this card, you can easily get a CIBIL score. For getting a Slice card approved, CIBIL score is not required.
  • No Cost EMI option: this is an excellent feature that allows you to pay your monthly bill in 3 easy EMIs, and that too without any additional charges.
  • Slice Sparks: there are various offers offered by various brands every week to enjoy the discounts. Brands include Uber, Ola, Swiggy, BookMyShow, and more.
  • Cashback Offers: The user gets a cashback of 1-2% on every spend with this card. The more you spend, the higher your cashback share.
  • Zero Forex Markup Fee: there are no currency conversion charges.
  • Accepted Completely: the slice card is accepted on maximum outlets.
  • High Charges: if one does not pay on time, then a hefty charge is levied daily. For example, if your outstanding amount is between Rs 5,001 and 20,000, Rs. 50 per day will be added till the date you pay.

Rewards and Cashback  

  • Spice sparks – earn 10-25% on leading brands like Myntra, Flipkart, IRCTC. 
  • Direct cashback of 1-2% On each transaction. 
  • Easy payable 3 EMIs option.  

Who Should get a Slice Credit Card? 

The Slice Credit Card allows you to earn and build a CIBIL score. A slice card is the best option for those who do not have a CIBIL credit score. People who have no salary proof, are students, or have just started a new business can get this card. One can begin with a low limit on this card to enjoy the 1-2% savings along with Slice Spark options that are made available every week. 

Eligibility  Criteria

1. Age   

Cardholders must be of 18 years.   

2. Location

Indian Resident

3. Documents 

The required documents to apply for the Slice Credit Card are-   

  • Address proof – Passport, Voter ID, Ration Card, Aadhaar card.   
  • Identity proof – Aadhaar card, Passport, or Driving license.   
  • Upload a selfie while applying for the card. 

Ratings and Reviews  

Source: Slice

  • Cashback and Rewards 3.5/5 – The Slice Credit Card offers cashback like 1-2% on every transaction made and provided offers via Slice Spark on leading brands. 
  • Fees and charges 4.5/5 –The Slice Credit Card has no joining fee, and no annual fee is involved.   
  • Eligibility – 5/5 The eligibility for the card is simple; it is for those who do not own any credit card due to no CIBIL score or any other reason. 
  • Overall, 4/5- Overall, the card is a good option for novice users; it helps them gain experience in using credit cards and great offers and cashback.  


The Slice Credit Card is a boon for those users who do not have any credit card and wish to get one. The card has rewards and offers and other benefits as mentioned above. It also helps to generate a CIBIL score for you, which helps in getting any other credit card or loan in the future. But if you are a person, who holds a good CIBIL and has other rewarding credit cards, then this may not be useful to you. 


Does slice provide a credit card? 

A slice card is not a credit card, instead, it is a prepaid card having transactions through a credit line.  

Which bank is associated with the slice card? 

Slice is an app-based credit card, and it is an owned subsidiary of Quadrillion Finance Private Limited. The organization owns an NBFC – non-banking financial company license from the Reserve Bank of India. 

How is a slice different from a credit card? 

The slice card serves as an alternative to those who do not have traditional credit cards, specifically homemakers, students, etc. there are no hidden charges, and it has zero joining fee.

What is the limit of a slice credit card? 

The slice card serves as an alternative to those who do not have traditional credit cards, specifically homemakers, students, etc. there are no hidden charges, and it has zero joining fee.

What is the limit of a slice credit card? 

The Slice Credit Card’s credit limit ranges between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 10 lakhs. 

Is SlicePay registered with RBI? 

SlicePay is registered as a secured Non-Banking Financial Company- NBFC license from the Reserve Bank of India.

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