How to Close ZestMoney Account?

How to Close ZestMoney Account?

ZestMoney is an online platform and app that lends money and provides loan solutions to Indian customers. ZestMoney has made digital transactions simple by enabling rapid approval, simple account opening, flexible EMIs, a transparent price structure, free prepayment, and enough time to pay any payment penalties.

However, several consumers have expressed personal grievances, such as receiving unwanted calls, emails, and so on, and want to delete their ZestMoney accounts. If you are one of them, the following instructions should help.

How To Delete ZestMoney Account?

You must write an email to the company asking them to remove, cancel, close, or deactivate your ZestMoney account.

1. Open the email account you’ve set up for your ZestMoney account.

2. Write an email regarding the same, and send it to

3. “REQUEST TO DEACTIVATE MY ZESTMONEY ACCOUNT” should be the subject line.

4. Now, type your name, phone number, and other account-related information into an email, and include your sincere justification for wanting to delete your account.

Alternative Steps To Delete ZestMoney Account

  1. Access your administrative console on the ZestMoney app on Android or iOS (you must be signed in as the account owner)
  2. The second step is to click the icon in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select the tab “General.”
  4. Click “Account, billing, and use” after scrolling down the page.
  5. Continue to scroll down until you find the “Delete account” button; to delete your account.
  6. In theinterim, you can reach ZestMoney customer service at +91 93434 22556. Your questions will be answered, and related problems will be solved.


While ZestMoney is secure and keeps all of your information private, it might not be a good idea to entrust the online lending apps with your money and personal information.

Once you have repaid the loans, you can remove your account from the platform in case of facing any issues that cannot be ignored.


How do I cancel my ZestMoney order?

Customers can call 08047193665, and in the event of a full or partial cancellation, the order will be returned and deducted from the total amount of any ZestMoney loans that they still owe.

Is ZestMoney RBI approved?

No, ZestMoney is not approved by the RBI.

How can I change my PAN details in ZestMoney?

Customers can email to [protected], and within 90 days, you will get a go-ahead to make the changes to your previously filled details.

Does ZestMoney affect credit score?

Yes, ZestMoney is a digital lender, and every time you use one of your ZestMoney EMIs to make a payment, your CIBIL report will add a loan to your account.

Yes, ZestMoney is legal and holds all the rights for titles and services it provides.

How do I contact ZestMoney?

Customers can email at or call on +91-7440084400.

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