How to Use ZestMoney?

How to use ZestMoney?

ZestMoney allows its customers to pay through EMI on high-priced items without a credit card. To mention a few perks, there is a 0% interest rate, no joining fees or hidden charges; customers can avail of a personalised limit of up to 2 lakh ZestMoney is accepted at more than 10,000 e-commerce websites and 75,000 physical retail stores. By far, over 17+ million registered users have utilised the services of ZestMoney, and the number is continuously growing.

In case you are wanting to try out ZestMoney but have doubts about how to use the app, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the ZestMoney app and navigate through it.

How to set up your ZestMoney account on the app?

  • Download the ZestMoney application on Android or iOS.
  • Complete your profile with all personal and other required details.
  • Check your credit limit.
  • Upload your KYC documents and you are free to access all the services of ZestMoney.

Today we are presenting a detailed guide on how you can use ZestMoney while shopping from popular e-commerce sites.

Why Should You Choose ZestMoney?

  • EMI with 0% interest- When picking a 3-month EMI plan for purchases made with gift cards, you can take advantage of 0% interest for a 3–18-month EMI schedule.
  • You can choose from the variety of EMI plans to suit your comfortable payback term.
  • Streamlined payments- Once NACH or SI is configured, ZestMoney immediately gathers your EMIs.
  • Free pre-closure – Your EMI can be cancelled without additional charges.

How to Use ZestMoney EMI on Flipkart and Amazon (or other ZestMoney lending partners)

  • ZestMoney registration and credit limit- Applying for a ZestMoney credit limit is effortless. You only need to confirm your mobile number to proceed.
  • Set your credit limit to active- To activate your credit limit, fill out your profile, provide the necessary KYC documentation, and schedule your repayment.
  • The ZestMoney EMI option– when checking out, after choosing the item you want to purchase, go through the checkout process and select EMI ZestMoney from the EMI section as your payment option.
  • Select an EMI plan: When you choose ZestMoney EMI as your payment option, you can pick the EMI plan that best suits your needs.
  • Approval: Your order will be placed successfully if ZestMoney’s financing partner approves your EMI plan. Flipkart/Amazon (any other eligible e-commerce site) will dispatch your item to you, following their shipping guidelines.


How does ZestMoney payment work?

You can pay with EMIs using the ZestMoney app even if you don’t have a credit card or a strong credit history. The entire payment procedure can be completed online, and EMIs are an option for paying for the cart as the whole amount. You can register and view your credit limit on the official website.

Is ZestMoney interest-free?

Yes, ZestMoney is interest-free for the first 3 months. However, you get levied certain interest and processing charges if you extend your loan post that.

How do you use ZestMoney balance?

After choosing the merchandise that you want to purchase, go through the checkout process and select EMI ZestMoney from the EMI section as your payment option.

What happens if you don’t pay ZestMoney?

If you don’t pay ZestMoney, a Rs 250 late fee plus applicable fees (GST) will be levied. Certain interest charges could also be levied on your late payments.

What is the process of ZestMoney?

  1. Navigate to the KYC verification page.
  2. Provide your Aadhaar number and additional information.
  3. A request to enter the OTP given to the mobile number registered on your Aadhaar card will appear.
  4. Submit the form.
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